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  • Managing Director:
  • Secretary*s Office of the Managing Director:
  • Course Coordination:

Program Coordinators

  • BA ›Media and Cultural Studies‹: Dr. Kathrin Dreckmann
  • MA ›Cultural Media Analysis‹: &
  • Trinational Master's Degree: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maren Butte

Academic Advisors

  • BA ›Media and Cultural Studies‹: 
  • MA ›Cultural Media Analysis‹: &
  • Trinational Master's Degree: Dr. Maren Butte
  • Focus Media and Cultural Studies for the BA Transcultural Humanities:
  • BA Focus ›Modern Japanese Studies‹:
  • Internship Counselling (Supervision / Reports):
  • Study Abroad:

Academic Recognition

  • Transcript of Records (BA & MA): (Christina Schmitz [Surnames A-H] + Ann-Kathrin Allekotte [Surnames I-P] + Finja Walsdorff [Surnames Q-Z]); Services available only for academic credit up until and including the examination regulations from 2013. Students according to the examination regulations from 2018 and beyond please refer to: Studieren- und Prüfungsverwaltung.
  • Recognition of academic achievements from abroad:
  • Recognition Internships:
  • Recognition of language certificates:  &

BAföG (Formblatt 5)

If you have any questions about BAföG, always contact the Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf:: https://www.stw-d.de/studienfinanzierung/bafoeg/bafoeg/

If you need BAföG Form 5 to continue receiving your funding after the 4th semester, please send an email to:  – (Please only use the address given if you need form 5 for your further BAföG reference. We do NOT provide general BAföG advice at the institute). Please plan with a processing time of around two weeks.


  • Coordination of Introduction and Orientation Tutorials:

Public Relations

  • Press:
  • Website:
  • Website Translation:
  • Public Relations (Communication, Campus Fair, Week of Orientation, Social Media): Ann-Kathrin Allekotte
  • Coordination Düsseldorf Filmfest: Ann-Kathrin Allekotte


  • Coordination of teaching assignments: N. N.
  • Coordination of the curricula and classrooms:
  • Erasmus + international affairs:
  • Team forum MA:
  • Calendar:
  • Onboarding:


Responsible for the content: