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Our institute offers one bachelor programme and two master programmes.

Within the six semesters of the integrative BA programme, students grapple with the complex connection between media and culture. They acquire analytic as well as creative skills which enable them to make qualified decisions and to be active creatively in occupational fields connected with media and culture. Our bachelor programme Media and Cultural Studies is an integrative programme - this means that apart from the Department for Media and Cultural Studies itself, there are also subjects such as Art History, Philosophy, History, Modern Japanese Studies, German Studies, Romance Studies and English and American Studies contributing to the programme. Anthropological, sociological, psychological, philosophical, historical and aesthetic approaches supplement and give form to the programme. Visual culture and the representational character of culture are especially emphasised.

Our four-semester master programmes facilitate the students implementing a scientific approach to the phenomenon of medially transmitted production of perception, experience, behaviour, knowledge and identity of groups and individuals.

The Media Culture Analysis master programme is aimed at graduates of a subject within the fields of Media or Cultural Studies who, after completing their programme, would like to expand upon and further implement their knowledge in research. The open and project-oriented curriculum of the programme as well as the scientific timeliness of the topics ensure a close relationship of studying and research. The Media Culture Analysis master programme begins with the leading question of what importance the media possess within the dynamic processes of the formation and development of culture. In what way do the media shape the perception of every individual as well as their own manner of understanding themselves and how they relate to others? What role do the media play not only in the spreading and storing of knowledge but perhaps even in its creation? What is their function within the current intercultural processes of globalization? How can the flow of images and sounds in our audio-visual culture be analysed?

The trinational master program "Theatre and Media Cultures in Transnational Space", a cooperation between the Institute for Media and Cultural Studies at Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, the University of Nantes and the University of Vienna, is being offered for the first time in the 2013/2014 Winter Semester. This programme is the result of a previously offered binational programme carried out for five years between the partner universities of Nantes and Düsseldorf. The programme is supported by the Franco-German University. Culture is a process which is in constant flux and which creates itself through producing these changes. The insight into this necessarily performative and transformative character of culture has made the dealing with performative practices in the narrower sense as well as with their medial imprint become the central question within Media and Cultural Studies. It is especially the medial determination of cultural processes which simultaneously creates transnational context and consolidation. With our Media Culture Analysis master programme and its specific profile "Theatre and Media Cultures in Transnational Space" - realised in cooperation with the Vienna and Nantes universities, we provide a select response to these developments. The focus of our study programme is put on transcultural processes - as the experiencing of difference and as dynamics of hybridization.
Düsseldorf will discuss and question the relationship of sensory experience and language, the cultural and medial formation of affect, the basal transculturality of culture. Vienna is dedicated to questions of subjectivity, its cultural breaks and idiosyncrasies as well as transnational movements of the performative arts. Nantes will focus on techniques and episteme of translation, on cultural sociology as well as on intercultural exchange (in film, theatre and performance).

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