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Media and Cultural Studies

Media and Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary field that deals with mediality of all forms and processes as well as with individual works, forms of expression and different representations in every-day life, in art (film, literature, theatre, video) and politics. Our study programmes therefore include offerings from various subjects from throughout the faculty of arts and humanities. The Institute for Media and Cultural Studies unites all of these into a professional and scientific context with a focus on research which allows for fascinating, new and current insights into the present thus offering important prerequisites for a successful professional life.

The institute covers a broad spectrum in research and teaching. The institute is divided into one bachelor programme and two master programmes.

Main areas of research are:

· Media Theory, Media Aesthetics, Media Ecology

· Migration, Interculturality and Media

· Film Studies

· Television Research

· Gender Research, Psychoanalysis and Cultural Science

· Cultural Consequences of Violence, Visual Culture and Violence

· Performative Arts

· Acoustic Media Cultures

· Theory of Subjectivity, Perception and Experience


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